Poema para Deepawali – Saron Magic

                                         The Light

From the Sun comes an energy, an energy with a wide spectrum, 
like a rhythm of Guitar strums.
Reflected by the fauna, it hits our retina, a beautiful sight, 
it even travels through Quartzite. 
For a Second ranked Tensor that equals zero it sure is 
one Good Hero. 
The Source of which is numerous, its study is in 
Good progress.
A Festival dedicated to this incredible energy is known
as Deepawali!
The Quantum of which is a Photon, it’s not even made
of Protons. 
Massless, its presence is felt flawless.
Spreading Love from up above,
Hearts fill with cheers, curing all the fears.
And as Angel Michael shows me the blue Ray,
I’m in a Divine dream. 
The Moon Gleams with a Supreme beam,
I daydream with Great esteem.
And many more possibilities, thanks to this Good
Sight, we call, «Light!»

1) The Sun emits an energy, that is Light, and it has a wide Spectrum, a band of Colours (Colors),
and it is as diverse as a Guitar produces Rhythm with different Strumming Patterns.
2) The fauna, flowers have Bright, vibrant Colours (Colors), and it is due to a phenomenon of Light and thats with every object that we see.
The Prism, when light is refracted through disperses the White Light into many Colours, the same phenomenon happens with a Pyramid-like Quartzite.
3) Light is referred to in Maxwells equations as, «The four dimensional divergence of an anti-symmetric second-rank tensor equals zero».
The source of Light is not just the Sun as in the First paragraph but is plenty. The Study of light is known as Optics and a few months ago, scientists created a Camera that captured video at a great speed enough to see light.
4) Light is mainly Photons and it is not composed of Protons, the heaviest subatomic particle, hence, light is massless yet we can sense if there is light with our eyes closed.
5) Light spreads Love and it ultimately gives us Happiness and cures fears of Dark and so on.
Angel Michael is related to Blue Light and Maa mentioned that he is my Protector.
6) This is a play with words, it says Moon but I Daydream, this is common in the higher Latitudes where in certain Months the Moon is present which is normally when the Sun should Shine.
7) Its the Conclusion, claiming the various uses of Light.

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