Dr. S. Mohanambal

Dr. Mohanambal is known the world over. Her work in the mind – body medicine, spirituality and Ayurveda is unequaled. She teaches, consults, lectures and researches in the Americas, and in Europe. In Barcelona, Spain she runs a full practice. On the streets of her native India she has fought against all odds to give hope to the needy who cannot afford hospitals and to the wealthy for whom hospitals can do nothing. She is in the hearts of orphans and women who have lost their place.

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Upcoming Seminar

International Book Day

23rd April 2023
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Upcoming Seminar

Reversing age and Reprogram our Consciousness

1st July 2023
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Holistic science Healing Centre

“To Balance body, mind and emotions”

Currently located in Barcelona, Spain
Hours: Monday to Friday



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