Thanks Maa for this fantastic Seminar!
You pulled us farther into ourselves to heal the deepest levels. Very powerful, with lots of new techniques and exercises increasing awarness and connecting us more and more with our bodies and with our feelings in order to heal us completely!
Thanks for your great efforts and for your Love for us and for this planet Earth !!!
May the great Transformation and Miracle happen soon at all levels with the Light winning over all darkness!!!
With all my love

Name: Genia

Thank you Maa!
Thank you for yesterday seminar. For all your love, light, wisdom, for push up all of us to maximum.
Thank you each of you for your words.
The seminar was very deep.

Name: Nadia

Thank you Maa for the seminar, was very powerful, thank you for all the teachings and love

Name: Assumpta

She asked me ‘Would you like to try the effects of moxa?’ as we were sipping our afternoon tea on our verandah in our Sri Lankan home. The tropical breeze swept the burning odor of the sticks on the palm of my hand and I felt the release of deeply buried emotions suppressed in the chambers of my memory. The floating sensation of lightness and buoyancy overwhelmed me and the trial was undoubtedly a success! We had just arrived from the U.S. where my twins, then 5 years old, were born and had been following the routines of regular medicine. We switched to the ancient natural remedies. The effects were so invigorating and rewarding that the twins were encouraged in a naturally subconscious manner to acquire an awareness of a state of well being which rejected any threat that presented itself.

As for the changes that the female body experiences in the 4th and 5th decades of its life, the energy levels remain higher than ever, the awareness of an inner life deepens, and physically, the body naturally rejects the threats leading to osteoporosis and general decay; the body’s regenerative qualities are constantly replenished. Needless to say, the efforts on one’s part, of constant physical and mental exercise, have to be accompanied by a ceaseless desire to transform the memory pattern of one’s physical and spiritual body into a state of eternal life as opposed to eternal death.
Thank you, Maa,for accompanying us in this journey and sharing all the treasures of the gods of Ayurveda!

Name: Soni
Profession: Artist

I know Didi Maa since I was seven years old and she has been (and she still is) a mother for me. I’ve been very lucky to grow up cradled by her unconditional love, because thanks to her infinite maternal affection now I can be who I am. Maa, a person made of pure starlight, sees the light in the heart depth of people, even though they don’t realize they can have this light and all its potential. And thanks to her revealing look of underground of the soul, she gets the person to look at him or herself clearly. Thanks to her magic gaze I could find myself. For all this, thanks Maa: thanks for show me the boundless love, the courage, the gratitude and the inner happiness. Thanks for pushing me to find my own way and for teaching me to live fully.

Name: Laura Conde
Profession: Student (Hispanic Philology)

Maa = Unconditional love. It’s that simple, She has shown me what unconditional and true love is. When you’re with her ​​you realize what LOVE is. Your heart opens, if you are aware of this done. It’s a nice feeling , and you realize that disappear as a single unit to sense that you are part of an indivisible whole. Your ego suddenly becomes so small … or disappears if you’re lucky. You’re not you, you are part of the ALL. This is what Maa try to show and prove us every day that we are with her, but from our Western mind this, that seems so simple, is itself complicated because when the ego appears automatically love disappears or decreases. It’s inversely proportional. Also, when you start appose into practice her advice’s and recommendations, you start to “synchronize” with the universe , and it starts to return your efforts a thousandfold. As an example . At my work, since I know Maa , which was a very very very difficult and complicated working environment , is gradually solving. First a boss who had 20 years in her office and there was no apparent reason for him to be taken will , but it happens ! Then start changing partners around me that will not make me a very nice living. And you look like from one year to another, which was a real battlefield becomes a field of roses… This is just an example, but when you sync with the universe, many things begin to change and the most fun is that you are not aware of the majority, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Thank you GOD to send us such a special and beautiful human being, and even more appreciation as you sent her to Barcelona. Maa I love you from my soul!

Name: Dhanananda
Profession: Nurse

Being with Maa is like touching the celestial world. When I met her, I was suffering a lot, and she helped me in all the possible ways .After some period of time of receiving her care as a doctor, her teaching as a master and her love as a mother, I started to improve in all senses. She encourages all her disciples in their road to a better way of leaving, thanks to the excellent meditation and hundreds of other techniques she developed, and thanks to her own life as an example of generosity, unconditional love and caring of the planet. She loves everyone on this planet and is helping our mother Earth every day. When she publishes a book, or gives a seminar, we can enjoy her wisdom and by practicing what she proposes, more and more positive changes start to happen. It is in our hands to do our job. All these years have been a miracle, being around her, learning from her continuously, enjoying life together and receiving her love. I can not imagine my life without her, she is my mother, my sister, my master. Thank you dear Maa for all the blessings and love you spread on we, your children, and on the entire world.

Name: Concepción

Didi Maa is a wonderful person. She teaches me every day new things but one of the most important is that sickness appears because when we must change things that we are doing bad in ours lives. And we can change it throught our thoughts. So if we feel happy we we’ll be healthy!! We have to enjoy the moment, we can! Thanks Maa to guide me with so much love.

Name: Silvia


In a very difficult moment of my life, when I felt that I could die, something incredible happened to me. I went to the cathedral in Barcelona and I sat down on one of the last benches since I felt I did not know how to pray, and just under my hand an old medal with the image of the Virgin on Montserrat appeared and I wrapped it up around my wrist. Few days latter I was taken by my friend Marisa to one of Didi’s first Seminars and the first thing she mentioned was the Virgin of Montserrat. I felt the Virgin had taken me there somehow. I felt that Maa was the most loving being that I had ever met. To me She is the incarnation of LOVE.Since then I have been with Her, learning and learning, translating books and sharing all kinds of experiences. Meeting Maa certainly changed my life. She opened my heart, my mind and my soul in ways that are mysterious even to myself. She helped me heal my body and my emotions to be able to live more fully, with more strength and happiness. She always encouraged me to hold on to the big dreams and at the same time being free from them and living in the present.
I wish for everyone to find such a teacher and such a LIGHT in their lives. There is no way that I can fully express what Maa means in my life other than saying that I am so THANKFUL and that I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Name: Eugènia Balcells


Years ago, I was desperately searching for hope as my life was seeping through my fingers. Feeling helpless and wasted, I luckily met Ma and she became the real turning point of my life. As a true Mother, she gave life back to me, rescuing me in all possible ways a human being can be rescued. Since then, she has been my Mother and Guruji. As a Spiritual Master, Ma has set me in a path of learning, growing and spiritual evolution that is the most rewarding experience ever in my life (together with my son). She shows the path, teaches techniques, provides orientation, and once you freely choose to move then she helps you on the way. Ma doesn’t provide fish, but teaches you to fish. As a westerner, I appreciate Ma’s respect for our culture, and the elegant way she merges it with Eastern wisdom to finally combine the best of everybody and everywhere in a single spirituality. Through her you understand that such feeling of Oneness goes beyond this planet, being part of just One Universe. Thanks to Ma, I am a much better being and continuously evolving towards a cosmic brotherhood.b Athma Namaskar

Name: Xavier Riera

Profession:HR Consultant

My life would be empty if it weren’t for Didi Maa. Worse than that. I wouldn’t even realize it was empty. Maa is the most illuminated being I have had the pleasure to meet, and thanks to her unconditional love, patience and guidance, I’ve been able to change my life for the better. Her teachings provided sense to life and the Universe, and made me realize the things that really matter in life, and how life has to be lived. Unconditional love, and a permanent will to learn and to be spiritually evolved, are some of the teachings that I treasure the most from our Spiritual Master, Didi Maa. Thank you so much for broadening the horizons, and bringing us a step fruther.

Name: Marc Riera

Profession:Student (Biology)

To talk about Maa is to talk about the most profound and intimate part of me. When I met Maa, I had a very different perspective of life than the one I have now. I was immersed in a loophole that I couldn`t get out, I was very confused. With a lot of love, affection, respect and patience, Maa has been guiding me these last 8 years. Today I have a clear focus, I am living the present intensely, and everything around me is light. I trust and I enjoy my life. Whatever I write will not be enough to really describe her, you have to get to know Maa, feel her, be close to her and you’ll know who she is. She accepts each one of us for who we are, she boosts our abilities and makes us shine.

Name: Yapci Ramos

Profession:Artist – Design/Cultural Producer and Photographer

Since I met Maa, my entire self and life changed completely. I learned to dance with the Universe with its Song of Unconditional Love. Words are not enough to express my eternal gratitude to the Universe for giving me this Wonderful chance. I am possible !!! We are possible !!! Everything can change if you allow yourself and if you work hard with patience and positiveness. Best wishes to the Planet.Hari OM!!!!

Name: Lídia M

Profession:Assessment manager / psychologist (Member of DDMAAS)

Words are never enough to express what you have to say for some one who has guided you as a guru, scolded you as a mother, loved you as a sister and speaks to you as a friend. God is so kind, that from 1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries and 7 seas, I have had the privilege to meet Maa. Is that a jackpot or what !!! Time spent with her has been part of my fondest memories, and I always call them “priceless moments”, that have filled my life with happiness, hope and self belief. She has taught me to appreciate what I have, and to work hard for what I desire. I have experienced unexplainable bliss, calmness & miracles during the short time I have spent with her. It is something that I have felt and you should find out too. I hope and pray She will find me worth enough to guide me to further my spiritual experiences with her love and grace.

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Name: Sunder Mahbubani

Profession:Business (Hong Kong)

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