Dr. Mohanambal is known the world over. Her work in the mind – body medicine, spirituality and Ayurveda is unequaled. She teaches, consults, lectures and researches in the Americas, and in Europe. In Barcelona, Spain she runs a full practice. On the streets of her native India she has fought against all odds to give hope to the needy who cannot afford hospitals and to the wealthy for whom hospitals can do nothing. She is in the hearts of orphans and women who have lost their place.

Maa or Didi, as she is mostly called, was raised in southern India, in Bangalore, a small paradise. But her private world was much bigger. A born healer and spiritualist, she witnessed universal truths early. She saw all life as sacred and divine. It came in all colors and all sizes – from humans, birds and flowers to every grain of sand – for her all valid, equally equal.

Soon she had to make a break. The orthodox ways and traditions she grew up with became too bounding. Opinions that were not her own had to be left behind. She studied medicine in India and in the United States. Quickly, her work – rooted in the east – began to blend intuitively with the west.

What she learns she documents in great depth. She has authored endless books, each book a wealth of information found nowhere else. From Ayurveda to the secrets of life, including Vaastu Shastra we know as Feng Shui. And there are CD’s of ancient mantras, guided meditations, meditations using dance.

What she feels she wants others to feel too. She conducts her famous seminars and workshops that change lives. People come from everywhere and leave transformed . They suddenly have tools to make new lives, tools for perfect health and living well. Most of all, there is confidence they can attain anything their heart desires. Her public poojas to bring love, harmony and cosmic peace have become legendary. There are prayer ceremonies in Indian style grandeur with fire, flowers, music, dancing.

When you first look at Maa you see her outer beauty. She is down to earth, a human being just like us. Yet you start to sense something you cannot quite name. It’s something unfamiliar and wildly alive. This mysterious something is now famous. Television, radio, magazines all pursue her. She has received awards from governments. Even the Vatican has taken notice of her work.

In one of her recent seminars Maa has introduced a revolutionary thing. A technique she calls ‘resurrection’ you use to renovate your body. And another, ‘rejuvenation,’ will make you twenty once again. She is taking you to the source of life, the very center of your being. The most precious gift that one can get.

You wonder where she will take us next.

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