The Goddess Returns (2012) A novel. This is the story of a girl with a dream. It is the story of Amita who was born into an influential family, but from a very young age experienced the realization that the place of a girl in post-independence Indian society was that of a second-class citizen. As a young woman she travelled the world, learning and using her experience to become a prodigious doctor. Through a powerful mix of faith and science she established herself as an individual who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best and brightest – irrespective of their origins. This is the story of Shakti’s daughter, a very special girl who inherited the powerful feminine energy of the Goddess and who embraced this positive, creative force in order to dedicate her life to working for the healing and transformation of the people she touched, especially for the empowerment of all women.

The Secrets of Nature – Ayurveda (2010) This book proposes a way of life, offering insightful, individually adapted ways of staying healthy and youthful based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India. You will learn about the relationship between the body, mind and spirit, and about the doshas or humours, the different body types to which we belong, and how to maintain the balance and harmony of the human body and life on earth. Because it teaches about living and not about disease, Ayurveda approaches the human being’s health on all levels, giving instructions about all ways of caring for the physical body, as well as the health of our spiritual connection to the Universe.

Yoga for Children (2010) Children are our greatest asset, and the future rests on their tender shoulders. They abound in potential and energy, approaching each day with a freshness adults can only dream about. Growing up, though, can be difficult. Take the period of adolescence, for instance. At this age, physiological changes mingle with the psychological ones, so your child/children will require all the support you can offer to help them through those challenging times. Yoga is a unique science; one that builds awareness and physical fortitude, but also one that builds character and lays the foundations for healthy and happy living. Children as young as eight to twelve years of age have the aptitude to learn and benefit from this science, while younger ones can do some simple asanas, but not formal postures. Yoga has proven greatly useful to youngsters of all ages. Everything you need to know about introducing your child to yoga has been broken down in this book to make the process smooth and easy for all. It serves as a manual for all the different kinds of poses that are useful for developing meditation, concentration, humility and willpower. Both the means through which children can be taught the technical aspects of yoga and the means through which their values and character can be sharpened are outlined in detail in this book. Tips on healthy living that go arm in arm with this practice are also provided, making it a practical and comprehensive guide to introducing your child to the benefits of yoga.

Discover the Amazing Hidden Powers of Gemstones, Crystals and Quartz (2010)

Precious stones or gemstones have fascinated us since time immemorial. Their mysterious colours, rare beauty and special properties have an allure that makes them one of nature’s wonders, and throughout history our ancestors have been aware of their special powers and have made them part of rituals and the healing arts. They may bring luck, health and happiness when we learn to wear the right stone for the right occasion. This book contains fascinating information about many different kinds of stones and provides rare and useful information about their power to interact with the chakras and energy centres of the human body.

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