Ayurveda is a philosophy of life that teaches us to live in harmony with nature, and to recognize the power of self-healing, being our own best doctor. Health is an ongoing process of balancing our physical, mental and spiritual natures. Each person is a unique mixture of energies, and the wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us to make the choices that will be best for us over our entire lifetime.

The Health Benefits of Chilies

Those little green and red chilies aren’t only to add flavor to your food, chilies are also beneficial to your health. Fresh small green chilies are better than red. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, and minerals such as manganese, folade, potassium and copper. The levels of Vitamin C in a chili are 7 times higher than those found in an orange. Chilies are known to burn calories, and also stimulate appetite, cleanse the body, and stimulate the digestive system. They also reduce our Pitta or fire element. Vitamin C and A are high in antioxidants which kill free radicals that cause cell damage and help to keep cholesterol down. Chilies are known to clear the lungs and they reduce wheezing and asthma. Not only do they detoxify the body by removing unneeded waste, they also act as a gastrointestinal detoxient that helps the digestive system function properly.

Chilies act as an effective natural painkiller by releasing endorphins. If you have an infection, chilies help bring fresh blood to that area, which in turn fights infections.

The Vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid that are found in chilies reduces the risk of colon cancer, and those who have had chemo or radio therapy should always eat a green chili every day as a preventative measure.

Chiles are very important in the preparation of food, but use them in moderation.

Healing the Skin

How to make a healing masque for the complexion, effective against blemishes and dark spots.

Mix 1 spoon of powdered chickpeas with ½ spoon heavy cream. Make a thick paste and apply, leave for 20 minutes, then wash the face and apply fresh rose water. For dry skin add 1 drop of glycerin. For oily skin, add 3 drops of lime or lemon juice. For mixed complexion, add a bit of honey. In India this masque is made with a paste of sandalwood and turmeric powder, mixed with cream and rose essence or rosewater. This is an excellent remedy to detoxify skin with a tendency to break out with pimples.

Relax the Face

It is most important to relax the skin. A natural scrub to remove dead cells and revitalize the skin can be made with ground walnut powder. Exercise of the facial muscles is also very important. (See Facial Yoga exercises)

Eye irritation

Vision is governed by Alochaka Pitta. Eyes that are irritated and dark puffy bags under the eyes are due to an accumulation of pita. Eye problems can be aggravated by fatigue and pollution, and go along with unbalance of the liver.

When working for long hours on the computer, be sure and stop occasionally to close and rest your eyes, and do eye exercises.

-Blink quickly 10 times.
-Without moving your head, look up and down, and from side to side (horizontal to vertical) right to left, and move your eyes around in circles.
-Hold up one finger in front of your eyes. First focus on the finger, and then focus far away. Alternate focusing far and near.
-Gaze at something for several minutes, like for instance a candle flame. -Look at plants and feel the freshness of the chlorophyll. Take a walk barefoot on the lawn covered with dew in the early morning.
-Salute the sun (surya namaskar). Look at the sun for a few seconds in the early morning.

The eyes can be refreshed with drops of rosewater or triphala eye drops, or by splashing them with cold water. Do this every morning when you wake up. Castor oil is an excellent remedy. Rub it into the eyes or use it to massage the feet. Drink orange juice with ½ spoonful of brown sugar, a pinch of cumin and cardamom. Reading is good for your eyes, but be sure to sit in a comfortable position with proper lighting. Reading in bed is not so good because the position of the eyes and head when we read is important, and the lighting in our bedrooms is not always ideal. Eye pressure point: on the hand between 1 and 2 fingers, put pressure a few minutes a day on both hands.

Low Blood Pressure and Vertigo

Low blood pressure and dizziness happen to the airy Vata person when there is a lot of anger or pita in the nervous system. The cervical area is tense and the muscles are rigid. It can be due to improper breathing so that not enough oxygen is going to the brain, or the body has too much Vata or gas.

What to do:

-Stretch the neck by letting your head fall to either side while offering resistance with one hand. Let the head go back as far as it can, and forward with the chin pointing to the chest. Stretch upwards.

-For low blood pressure, pull down hard on the ears, grasping them on each side with one finger inside the ear and the other outside.

-Sometimes vertigo is due to an ear infection. Warm a good ayurvedic oil gently with chopped garlic, and then clean the ear with the warm oil on a cotton bud or leave a wad of cotton soaked in warm oil inside the ear.

-The best remedy for fainting is to sprinkle the person with cold water.

-Lemon and honey candies (sweet and acid) can be used for a quick boost.

-Deep breathing is very important.

-Chop an onion, mix with Maa’s Healing salts and inhale the smell. When the eyes fill with tears, the eyes’ blood supply increases.


When toxins (ama) collect, fever goes up. Fever can be caused by infection or a change of climate. Starve a fever, best not to eat, but it is important to drink water or fresh fruit juice. Avoid drinking milk.

Do not try to bring the fever down by using cold compresses. Ayurveda recommends wrapping the patient warmly to produce more heat. Avoid cold drinks.

Kitchen remedies:

Infusion of basil (Tulasi)
Infusion of ginger with honey or lemongrass.
Blend a handful of cilantro leaves and basil, make an infusion, add a spoonful of honey. Drink half a glass of this liquid.
Make an infusion of coriander, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. Add honey and drink. Make a mixture of basil (Tulasi) and black pepper for throat infection.

Mung dhal soup
soup for fever and colds

Cook mung dhal, tomato, onion, ginger with lots of black pepper and Maa’s healing salts. Puree in a blender or leave chunky, add a few drops of lemon juice. In a little ghee, heat mustard seeds, garlic, and asafetida, mix with hot soup, drink hot. Alternatively, add other vegetables, all but cauliflower, add black pepper, salt, lemon juice, a little butter (to reduce for mucus or kapha).

Fatigue and lethargy

Stress is a major problem in the Western world. Fatigue and lethargy can be caused by imbalance of the digestive system, weakness of the liver and low adrenal level.

Kitchen remedies:

-Drink fresh orange or lemon juice with Maa’s Healing Salts.

-Ashwagandha tea helps to relieve stress.

-For anemia, pomegranate, beet or grape juice is good, or a mixed juice of beet, carrot and apple.

-If fatigue is caused by a virus, keep a strict, light, watery diet. For example, kichadi  is ideal. (see recipe below)

-For problems of too much gas, mix ginger, lemon juice, Maa’s Healing salt and a little warm water, and drink before eating.

-Chew parsley seeds and drink water before eating, or boil fennel seeds, and add lemon juice and Maa’s healing salts for good digestion.

-For very low energy level, eat 2-3 dates in the morning with a little ginger, cardamom and cinnamon


Khichadi is a simple stew of rice and split mung beans, which is easy to digest and stimulating to the digestive fire.

Soak the split mung beans for at least one hour before cooking. Heat ghee or olive oil in a pan and add cumin or coriander seeds. Then add some finely chopped onion, grated ginger and garlic and sauté until golden brown. Stir in 1 tsp. turmeric powder, 2 – 4 pinch asafoetida, some black pepper and a few bay leaves. Add  1/2 cup of mung beans and 1/2 cup white basmati rice and stir into the ghee or olive oil. (add any chopped vegetables such as carrots,pumpkin, green beans, courgettes, asparagus etc.) Add min. four cups of water (more if you have added vegetables). Cook for about 30 minutes, adding more water as necessary. When the beans have become completely soft, add a little salt and serve the dish with ghee and freshly chopped herbs such as mint, parsley or cilantro.


To reduce cholesterol, eat oatmeal, apples, oranges, fresh vegetables, and quinoa. The juice of an Indian vegetable called snake gourd (found in Chinese groceries), can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Kapalabhati or fast breathing pranayama is useful. Practice cardiovascular exercise. Control fat, avoid all fatty and oily foods. Take a brisk walk in the morning. Ayurvedic medicines: shuddha gugglu, lasuna (garlic).


The heart pumps blood through veins and arteries with a certain amount of pressure. Due to anxiety, this pressure increases, causing the danger of heart disease or stroke. A white coated tongue or bad breath is caused by problems of the liver. The diaphragm is blocked and constricted from tension, and does not allow the blood to flow freely in the arteries.

Vata dosha – Normally around 60 years of age, the walls of blood vessels become thicker and the passage narrower, blood becomes thick and viscous. Anger, stress, revenge and other negative energies block blood vessels and increase blood pressure resulting in hypertension.

Pita dosha – Excess pita causes the blood to rush with more force due to anger and repressed emotions.

Kapha dosha- Excess kapha causes narrowing of arteries due to fatty deposits on artery walls.

Kitchen remedies: Orange juice and coconut water from a natural coconut is good before eating. Watermelon with black pepper, cardamom and coriander. Cucumber raita made with yogurt, onion, cilantro, cucumber and cardamom. Drink lemon juice with a little honey and warm water morning and evening. Deep relaxation is important. Practice Yoga Nidra. Soak a panch mukhi Rudraksha in water overnight, and drink the water next morning.

Hearing loss

Due to increased vata, the circulation is not good and the nerves are weakened. Kitchen remedies: Avoid acid foods, fried food, popcorn, American junk food. Heat sesame oil or almond oil with a clove of garlic, apply inside the ear with a cotton bud, or soak a ball of cotton with 5 drops of warm oil and leave it inside the ear.

Ayurvedic herbs: Guggulu

Practice viloma anoloma breathing. Panchacarma cleansing of the body, and shirodhara massage are very helpful.

Angina pectoris, chest pain

This condition is created by the kapha dosha. Accumulated kapha blocks the flow of prana and vata into the coronary artery, so that the heart muscles do not receive sufficient supply of oxygen. The symptoms are frightening. The pain starts from the breastbone in the center of the chest, goes to the left shoulder, and passes along the inner side of the left arm to the tip of the little finger.

The best prevention is to take a lot of the ayurvedic herb called Arjuna. Another good way of preventing heart problems is to soak a piece of gold, such as a ring, in water for 48 hours, and then keep drinking the water. When you have chest pain or palpitations, an infusion can be made with a glass of hot water, the contents of 2 Arjuna capsules and a pinch of saffron. Take this 3 times.

– A paste can be made with grated ginger, turmeric and bit of olive oil, and applied on the chest over the heart. Apply special ayurvedic oil made according to the geographic location where you live. (In the tropics we use kinds of oil that are not good for people who live in Europe, for example).

Mudra: apan vayu mudra


Anxiety is related to insomnia and fear. It is primarily an aggravation of vata dosha and the nervous system.

-Make a calming tea with the ayurvedic herb Tagara (Valerian) adding a few drops of lime or lemon.

-Take a bath with Maa’s Healing Salts, baking soda, ginger.

-Soak raw almonds in water overnight, take off the skin, eat the almonds and drink the water in the morning on empty stomach.

Pressure point for anxiety: The heart point in middle of the hand, also point located between thumb and forefinger.

Pranayama: to relieve anxiety, practice Ujjayi Pranayama

Mantra: So Hum

Mudra: pran mudra


Because of increased kapha dosha in the stomach, kapha or mucus moves from the stomach to the lungs, and from the lungs to the chest and bronchi. Increased kapha blocks the natural flow of air creating spasms in the bronchi, which results in ashma and wheezing. The same problem can also result in allergies.

Ayurvedic treatment: Eliminate well, take a good herbal laxative such as Herbolax

Kitchen Remedies: -Mix 1 spoon cinnamon, ½ spoon nutmeg, 1 spoon triphala (take out of capsule and mix) and for taste ½ spoon honey. Add a little water and drink.

-Make an infusion with ginger and honey. -Make a drink with onion juice, ½ spoon cumin powder, ¼ spoon black pepper and 1 spoon honey.

-A grandmother’s remedy from the south of India consists of rubbing mustard oil mixed with a little eucalyptus and 1 drop peppermint essence onto the chest.

-A mixture of 1 spoon mustard oil and 1 spoon sugar is laxative and cleansing.

-Avoid lactose, cheese, nuts, fermented food, anything pickled or preserved in vinegar.

Bad breath

Bad breath is a sign of toxins in the colon, intestine or the mouth due to indigestion and improper assimilation of food. When digestion is weak, food undergoes fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the formation of ama, which has a foul smell. Cleaning the tongue is very important, especially when it has a white coating. Don’t eat heavy meals. After each meal chew cumin, cardamom or fennel seeds to help digestion. Take care of your teeth and gums, use an ayurvedic toothpaste containing neem or other herbal formulas, gargle with Maa’s Healing Salts Once a week gargle with an infusion of thyme and Maa’s Healing Salts.


Arthritis is due to excess vata in the joints and too much gas. The joints become dry and swollen and brittle, are sensitive to cold and painful when jogging or jumping. Those with too much pita have swelling and feel too much heat. Those with excess kapha have swelling but feel cold in the joints. Everything depends on our lifestyle. If you are sedentary and don’t use your body, finally it looses its capacity to move. It is important to move and connect to our bodies, to integrate our feelings and let go, keep learning, fly!

Ayurvedic treatment: Remove ama or toxins from the colon. Panchakarma cleansing with castor oil is good to cleanse the system. Herbal medicines include shilajit vati, haritaki and amalaki, which is especially good for pita Exercise and diet are important. Apply ayurvedic oil, for kapha people the oil should be warmed. Practice yoga. Give yourself a brisk self-massage from head to toe. To improve the circulation, apply hot water and alternate with cold water. Kitchen remedies: Make a paste of ginger with turmeric and apply on joints where there is pain. Drink a lot of ginger tea.

Properties of Ma’ s Healing Salts 

Ma’s Healing Salts is my formula of natural healing salts. It is scientifically proven that these salts, an organic compound, are easily absorbed by the body and that their minerals are extremely beneficial. Ma’s Healing Salts consist of:


Which helps to cure acidic gas and purify the blood


Helps expel half-digested and fermenting materials from the body and cleans impurities in the nerves and muscles to keep the body free from virus and bacteria.


An essential element for the basic structure of the body. It is responsible for the formation of the bones.


Sharpens perception and enhances the retentive power of the brain. It keeps the mind clear and prevents confusion. It speeds up the blood circulation in the body.


Which provides the formation of hemoglobin to keep the blood red.


Which acts as a balancing salt in the body.


Whose main function is to supervise the various organs of the body especially the heart and liver.


Which compensates the demand for iron and balances the iron content in the blood.


Which helps to purify the blood and to clean surface impurities that accumulate on the skin.


Which helps to increase youthfulness and vitality in the body. It reduces fat content and converts it into energy.


Which improves eyesight and hearing. It repairs minor damage inside the muscles of the eyes and ears.


Which helps the immune system and gives strength and resistance to the body.


Which helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

The combination of these mineral salts and others like thiamin, zinc and nickel is alchemical and synergetic: it brings a total transformation of physical and mental pains and sufferings, and helps the person to live in perfect health of body and mind and in radiant happiness.

In my book “Ma’s Healing Salts”, I explain the proper use of these salts and how to relieve pain as well as how to cure almost 51 physical problems such as body pain, headaches, colds, foot aches, dysentery, cramps, etc.

I also explain how to balance emotionally and how to release the stress and tensions of the present world. These techniques are simple and with proper practice one can live in a better way and make this a happier place in which to live.

Special Uses of MA’ s Healing Salts

Everyone asks about the formula of special minerals that I have used in MA’s Healing Salts, and its uses for a healthy person. Yes! This is a good question. These salts also detoxify.

They can be used in the following ways:

  1. Squeeze half a lime, mix the juice with half a glass of water and add a pinch of salts. This mixture, if taken in the early morning on an empty stomach, keeps the stomach free from gases and detoxifies.
  2. If the same mixture is taken with hot or luke-warm water, it also helps to reduce fat and is good for obestity.
  3. Every day before you go to bed, mix a glass of warm water with a tablesppon of MA’s Healing salts, gargle for a minute and spit it out. You will find that your mouth tastes better, and it is good for the throat and teeth.
  4. If you have a throat infection, you can gargle with a tablespoon of MA’s Healing salts and thyme. Boil water with 1 tablespoon of thyme for 5 minutes and add MA’ s Salts. Mix with a glass of warm water and gargle every 3 hours, and within 24 hours you will feel better. Drink warm water and hot soup with a little lemon juice and MA’s Healing satls.
  5. If you have to go out for dinner and you find your teeth dull and that your mouth smells, wash your toothbrush with hot water and apply a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate and apply MA’s Healing salts to the tooth brush and brush your tooth with this mixture. Leave it for two minutes. It is a good trick, your teeth look sparkling white or in the worst cases, much better and brighter. Try it.
  6. If you have a lot of people around you and feel tired, enter the bathroom. Hold MA’s Healing salts in the center of the palm where your two charkas are situated. Leave for two minutes and then wash your hands. You will feel that that palms are charged with a new energy and you will feel rejuvenated. The center of the palms receive energy and whenever you are surrounded with people for discussions, talking or therapies, they absorb the energy and you can feel empty or blank. The combination of this point with MA’s Healing Salts makes an alchemical reaction.
  7. If you work as a therapist, massagist hairdresser artist etc., soak your hands in two bowls of water with a tablespoon of MA’s Healing Salts and after three minutes you will feel better. It will take away stress and your de-energized hands will be charges again, you will not get any infections and the emotional blocks of other people are removed. You have to do this after every session, and if it is not possible to leave for three minutes, you wash the hands with Ma’s Healings Salts instead of soap. It has the same effect.
  8. If you are blocked for a while or your mind is blank, hold a pinch of MA’ s Healing Salts between your thumb and index finger and touch the third eye area or the sixth chankra, counting silently backwards 5,4,3,2,1. There you are. Do not forget your breathing- breathe deeply and slowly.
  9. At home after work, prepare a bucket of warm water with one tablespoon of MA’s Healing Salts and 5 drops of Peppermint essential oil. Soak your feet, sit down, relax and concentrate on deep breathing, allowing all the stress and tension of the day to be washed away. After ten minutes, you will feel better and your pain will be relieved. Go out on the balcony and breathe deeply, throwing away all the negative energies. Inhale all the positive energy and exhale anger, negative energy, fury etc.
  10. When it is time to bathe, if you can take a tub bath, never forget to add a tablespoon of MA’s Healing Salts, relaxing for 15 minutes and concentrating on each chakra. You will find the bath refreshing and relaxing. If you cannot take a tub bath, apply a paste of MA’s Healing Salts mixed with water in each chakra, and take a shower. Apply warm water for two minutes and cold water for three minutes, giving yourself a hydro-massage in each chakra. You will feel revitalized and rejuvenated.
  11. If you find your house with problems, hurdles, obstacles, things break and some negativity is disturbing you, your family or space, so take 4 blue crystal bowls and fill it with water- half of the bowl with water, add 1 tablespoon of MA’s Healing Salts and 1 Tablespoon of Apple Vinegar and leave it in four corners, North, South, East and West. If you find the dirt on the top throw it in the bathroom wash and repeat. Do it for sometime until it becomes transparent crystals and normal. It will help you and your children to keep healthy, joyful and with energy. Try it.
  12. If you suffer from Insomnia, you must drink hot milk in the night before you go to bed. Keep water in a bowl with MA’s Healing Salts, 1 Teaspoon of MA’s Salts and 5 drops of lavender. You can apply few drops of Lavender on the nostrils and in front.
  13. Here are few tips for offices and houses. To keep atmosphere clean, you can keep a glass of water with a Spoonful of MA’s Healing Salts. In the entrance and later at the end of the day throw it out. It will absorb the concentrated energies.
  14. Just keep MA’s Healing Salts in your handbag, in the car or while travelling and if you feel  negative energies, just touch the dry salts and feel all the tiredness, tension releasing.
  15. When preparing salads, soups, sandwich etc you can replace normal common salt to MA’s Healing Salts to avoid all the secondary effects of common salts. TRY MA’s Healing Salts!




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