Dear friends,

Thanku all & the Cosmic family. We did it, the Best Deepawali ever. I thank you all for all your support & for helping me but also for helping the planet to be a happy & peaceful place to live. All beings will have food, water & clothing, with love & peace. We are rich in all ways & we travel to help the needy. Remember Regeneration, Rejuvanation& Eternal Youth. Let the people complain, but we will dance & always be young with a smile & in harmony with Universe.
We are Free, We are Freedom
We are happy, We are happiness,
We are glory & We are glorious. No more past or future. Live in the Present.
Let this spirit of Deepawali live inside your cells, tissues & in every organ.
Thank you, dhanyavad, gracias, sukria, merci, nandri.
I love you all. T’estimo molt.
How to change the entire world and to live in harmony with the Universe
download pdf of Didi/Maa’s speach for Deepawali



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