Happy Deepawali
Intercultural union for a planet in Peace, Harmony and Love!

Saturday, 25th october 19h
Centre Cívic La Sedeta – C/ Sicília, 321, 08025 Barcelona

Our planet is living moments of big changes and transformations until reaching the new Golden Era, with lots of contrast between darkness and light. For this, the celebration of the Hindu festival of lights is of vital importance, because we can contribute to improve the situation of our planet.

As part of this event, there will be aspecial meditation for peace and harmony in the world, with people representing the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, Islamic and Jewish cultures and the scientific community.

We will thank Nature and will ask for protection for the Earth, our dear Blue Planet. We will light a mandala of lights to illuminate the world and fill it with Peace.

There will be a pooja and an offering of flowers with mantras from the ancient Vedas in gratitude to the five elements of the Universe: fire, water, air, space and earth.

There will also be a presentation of Dr. Mohanambal’s latest guided meditation CD:

Advanced Regeneration of Cells, Tissues and Organs

Afterwards there will be music, traditional songs and dance. To end, everybody will be invited to a Hindu dinner to celebrate Deepawali. 

Hope to see you all!!

Om Shanti Shalom Om Amen

Didi Maa’s Association International for Science and Spirituality

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