Dearest friends and family.

After more than two years of the pandemic, we are together again in person and as a

community. These are challenging times and there are moments when we need to

stop listening to the information that we receive from the outside, and try to be silent

and connect with nature, in the mountains or the forest. This is the most important

time to open ourselves to the unknown, as the world that you once knew is no longer

there. Everything has changed, including you yourself. Nothing is as it was before,

this is a powerful time. Be curious and look at the world through your fresh eyes. You

are going to be manifesting in ways that you did not believe was possible in the past.

We have to be open to challenging and releasing old beliefs, attitudes, habits, fears

and expectations. Some of you may feel you suddenly do not know where you

belong in the world. Don’t worry about this, just flow and be with your true, authentic

self. If you don’t dim your light or allow your ego to interfere, you will soon find your



We are all energies. Our electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic field of the

mother earth is very incoherent at this moment. We need to be anchored and

coherent, and try to make the electromagnetic field stronger. I strongly believe that

we are all made in the image of God, and we need to put spirit back into the equation

when we want to improve our physical and mental health. Because we are not

powerless biochemical machines, only popping a pill when we are mentally and

physically out of line. Of course drugs and surgery are powerful, but at this moment it

is not necessary to overuse or become addicted or overuse these medical

procedures. We need to heal ourselves, especially now after going through the

trauma and fear and anxiety of the pandemic, let us heal that deep wound.

It is not gene-directed hormones and neurotransmitters that control our bodies and

minds, I am convinced that it is our beliefs that control our bodies and minds.


In the words of Seth Lloyd, a scientist from MIT:

“The history of the universe is, in effect, a huge and ongoing quantum

computation. The universe is a quantum computer.”


Scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks of a “new biology”, epigenetics, a way of seeing life

as a cooperative journey of powerful individuals who can program themselves to

create joy-filled lives. This is a profound and paradigmatic change to humanity, as

drastic as introducing the idea of a round world to a civilization that believes the

world is flat.


Rumi described the curious nature of our relationship to reality in this way, “We are

the mirror and the face in the mirror. We are the sweet cold water, and the jar that



In the Mahabharata Krishna tells us that we might save ourselves by bringing forth

that which is within us. Krishna reminds us that we are creating reality, sometimes

consciously and sometimes unconsciously. By doing this we experience what we

created. In other words, for me, we are artists as well as the art. This suggests that

we have the power to modify and change our lives today while also choosing how we

will finish them tomorrow.


Our beliefs have the power to counter the flow of evil in the Universe, literally to

interpret and redirect time, matter and space, and the evils that occur within us. In

these 2 years and 8 months of struggle, I have done a lot of inner work, meditating

on the realization that we are the architects of our own lives. Through our beliefs, we

are the bridge between reality and all that we can imagine. It is the power of what we

truly believe about ourselves that gives life to our highest aspirations and greatest

dreams that make the Universe as it is. If the old Universe sounds like a place too

big to even think about, that’s OK. We can start by simply thinking about ourselves

and our everyday world. Consider your relationship to the room you are sitting in.

What role did I play in getting myself here? How did I arrive here in this precise place

and moment? Then consider how time and space, energy and matter have all

converged in a mysterious and precious way to bring you this very moment and you

ask, is it an accident? I believe we must be as artists to create a beautiful planet,

where we are all healed and walk together as ourselves. I believe in miracles, I

believe the miracle is that we don’t have to understand why it works. We must be

willing to accept what it brings to our lives. In these moments and years, I have been

thinking how we can heal ourselves, and accept the power of our beliefs. Now I

certainly believe that by thinking this is true, in my mind, with a very clear intention

and elevated emotion, I see it all happening. I try to be completely in my heart,

feeling the love to myself every day, taking care of myself with compassion and

kindness, feeling my own inner peace with gratitude. At this moment, my heart and

brain are coherent, and I deeply feel this hidden belief exposed and available to heal

the whole planet. I am grateful that all possibilities lie in the quantum field, and that

on Deepawali, the day of light, it is completely possible that it is the time for the light

to win over darkness.


Happy Deepawali and thank you all.

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