Saturday May 25, 2019

10:30 AM to 2:30, 16:30 to 21:00

Hotel HCC Lugano, Av. Paralelo, 172, Barcelona 150€

Confirm before May 23 at 93 412 60 54 o 658 816 779

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    “At this time of year when the seasons are changing and spring passes into summer, we are going to learn to balance the energy and metabolism of our bodies so that we can discover the goal or mission of our lives. Our individual transformation prepares the ground for the healing and transformation of the planet. We will work on different levels, like the spiritual, physical and the emotional, to harmonize the body and release negative energy. In my years of research, I have discovered that if we learn to accept and practice these techniques, we can take advantage of the opportunities that come to us in life. Our whole lives are opportunities for loving, learning, evolving, serving and growing on many different levels.


    New healing techniques using Prana, or Ayurveda’s vital energy. 

    Grounding, a technique to anchor ourselves in the present, center ourselves and stabilize our lives. This is a holistic technique, body, mind and spirit. 
    Psycho-spiritual aspects of the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs. Discover the secrets of rejuvenation to stay young, energetic and dynamic. 
    The practice of Pranayama and selected Yoga asanas.
    Learn to eliminar negativid, believe in the Universe and fell safe on the planet Earth. Fall in love with yourself. 
    Practice keeping the remote control of your life in your own hands, so that no one can control you or your mind. 
    Beauty through Ayurveda  
    Daily stimulation of marcas or energy meridians in the body to prevent wrinkles and aging. 
    Discover how to stay healthy by stimulating the marcas in the face, hands and feet
    Lose weight, prevent hair loss or fragile nails through the marmas. 
    Explore the relationship between the 5 elements of the Universe and the Vata, Pita and Kapha doshas. 
    Reduce stress using Yoga Nidra, and decide to use it to solve problems. 
    Self-healing. Find your own healing powers. 
    Laugh and dance therapies!

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