How to Bring Joy into your Life, followup to Dr. Mohanambal’s Lokhandwala talk

The following suggestions are very simple, but can transform your life!Live every day with gratitude. Every morning when you wake up, be sure to remember all the lovely things we have, the beautiful sun, the stars, the abundant gifts of the Universe. Say to yourself “I choose to make this the happiest, most joyful day, with good health in body, mind and spirit”.Be Aware. What are you thinking right at this moment? Learn to be aware in the present moment.A happy day.  Every morning, you can decide to have a happy day, or a day full of problems.  Press the “happy button”! Plan a good day for yourself and all your loved ones. Make yourself a trigger word, whenever you think the word “lighten up”, you will feel yourself relaxed and smiling.

A simple meditation. Imagine that you are walking on the beach beside the sea with a heavy bag on your back, full of all the problems of those around you. You are breathing hard, you can hardly walk. Decide to connect with the Universe, with the Divine Mother, let the bag drop, start running and jumping with joy, and never look back!  In the Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that “we have to carry our own baggage.”

Love yourself. Our belief systems, taught to us by our families and by structured religions, keep us from evolving. We don’t want to love ourselves or we feel that it is “selfish”. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others with an open heart? Be a first class YOU rather than a second class SOMEONE ELSE. Spend a little time with yourself every day, massaging every part of your body with love, placing your hands over your eyes and relaxing them deeply, relaxing, removing all the tension of the day.

Learn to use simple mudras that can help you relax, protect you from negativity, and help avoid health problems.  +info

Wear beautiful colours! We are connected with all the colours, VIBGIOR or the 7 colours of the spectrum of light. Pay attention to the clothes that you wear, bring colour into your life.

Learn to use natural aromas for health and protection. Simple kitchen remedies, the herbs and the plants that we eat can give us a healthy, happy life.  To learn about some simple every-day health tips based on Ayurveda and adapted to our contemporary lifestyle, download +info Ayurvedic Remedies

Hug a tree! The positive energy of plants can help to take away negative energy, and leave us feeling joyful and happy. Take in the beautiful green of chlorophyll through your eyes. It will improve your eyesight and relax your eyes and face, making you feel young and fresh. Walk barefoot in the dew on the grass in the early morning to relax and improve your eyesight.

Laughter is therapy! Age is not age, believe that you will be eternally youthful, you decide!



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