The danger comes from something called ionizing radiation. Any energy source gives off some radiation, cell phones, televisions, even light bulbs.
But ionizing radiation is particularly damaging because it has the energy to literally knock an electron from an atom. Normally, an electron is locked in orbit around an atom and it is spinning around and around.
When an atom is exposed to high level of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, the energy can cause an electron to break free.
Once that electron is knocked free, the atoms can’t combine with other atoms the way they normally would, which becomes a real problem when this occurs inside the human body.
An atom without an electron will not form the right molecules. Cell function is disturbed and DNA chains become mutated and finally broken, which can cause cancer, leukaemia and many other diseases or immune deficiencies.
So please try to spend more time in nature and avoid the use of these frequencies. Let us love nature and start Tree Hugging with DDMAASS group once a month. Go to the beach to do yoga and dance and express your emotions, do lot of laughing therapy and just connect with your Inner Child.
Love you all,

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