Seminar on 27th January 2024

Today 27th January 2024 our Seminar was very special and BEST It was very touching with many new participants Everyone made a big change, Frequency and vibrations shifting in all levels. It was a leap jump. I am grateful to all participants who trusted me and for the big change. It was full of miracles. Thanks to everyone Love and hugs to you all always ❤️


Thank you dear Maa for this seminar!
Every meditation was so deep and very complete. Always improving, every second was an opportunity to grow.
Also happy for be a very big grup!
Thank you so much!!
With love ❤️❤️❤️

Dear Maa
Thanks for all the great experiences in your Seminar! We are learning and evolving and in this last one I went through a quantum jump.
Thanks for all the opportunities!!!
I love you 💓

Anna Sper
Thank you Maa for such a fine seminar.A historic one. For the good of each of us. For the good of the universe. You are a beautiful beatiful soul.
Love and blessings.

Dear Maa, thank you for a great Seminar. It was another transformation, a big jump forward. I feel ready to tackle all this new challenges ❤️ Thank you

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