Shivarathri Puja in Barcelona 2023

Good morning dear family and friends
Our Shivarathri puja in our Barcelona temple was very powerful and special. We started first being Coherent, later changing and shifting our frequencies and vibrations with Mother Earth. I started with Prithivi Mantras with lot of kindness and compassion. I finally could bring the shift slowly with mantras and offering a lot of flowers. Chanting mantras to 5 elements, 9 planets and Ofcourse to Har Har Maha Dev. God of all 3 loks and Guru of Gurus, God of God’s, Knowledge and beginning and end of Universe. In this moment in history we need Him and His compassion for all of living in Earth. We all together offered milk, honey, sugar, fruits and dry fruits. It went long but everyone was very Coherent and involved. We ended with Arati. Also our Indian bhojan, food.
I do Shivarathri puja always but this time more responsibility and commitment. Yes I had use all my knowledge while chanting mantras, also it has to be updated with today’s data, not the old data. I had to forget me and complete connection surrender with ONENESS. I am very thankful and happy I did it. I humbly contributed something.
I thank to all Cosmic forces who are listening to us. Also to Barcelona family.
Love and blessings to you all always ❤️

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