1st July 2023, Saturday Seminar in Barcelona

It is dedicated to each participant
It is such a pleasure to teach and help each of you. This is my specialty to keep learning, preparing and teaching. I do it with Passion. I saw from the beginning how the energy level and frequencies and vibrations went up. Every one did a lot of inner work. I would like to measure the coherence of us. We will do it soon. The whole space was shining. We raised our frequencies and were healing ourselves and extended to planet earth. We did big transformation. Our DNA and Neurons changed. We are Reversing age and healing in a Holistic way. I am grateful for the Seminar and Thanks to each of you. We will continue the Global Coherent Meditation. We were able to anchor with Mother Earth and get rid of our limited believes and emotions that interfere with our growth and relationships. We went beyond and opened the giant inside I am grateful to everyone
Love and hugs to you all always ❤️



Dear Mother and Guruji. Tradition tells that every Seminar is different and better than the previous ones. Well, the Seminar yesterday was perfectly aligned with the tradition, being another rocking, best ever one. With your permission I’d like to share just a few examples about yesterday.

To start with, the meditation to awake the Inner Giant went beyond any expectation. “Giant” is not a metaphor, that energy within all of us kept growing much beyond the limits of our physical bodies assuming a cosmic dimension, powerful, connected with all the cosmic energies that following Maa’s call came around to help.

Through Brain Heart Coherence Meditation our hearts turned silver and began to grow as well, merging to each other to end up into 1 big heart, big enough to host planet Earth within, what a soothing vision, 1 planet – 1 heart.

The Grounding Meditation turned into the rising of a New Me in all of us. For the first time, and always under Maa’s wise guidance, we could clean ourselves during our mother’s pregnancy, to be finally born as a clean slate, a pure energy, as we came from the other dimension 9 months before. Then, we kept our energy clean throughout our lives, to reach the present time as a New Me. Completely reborn, a second chance within this life. What a precious gift.

As always, we took care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions … and our beloved planet. The seminar embodied the true meaning of the word “holistic”. We are not getting tired of this continuous transformation, so we are already looking forward to the next Seminar.

It is just fair to remark that all these wonders don’t come to us just like that, they are the result of an extraordinary effort on your side. Thank You and the Cosmic Energies from heart and soul. Athma namaskar 🙏🙏🕉️❤️💛

Thanks dear Maa for yet another incredible Seminar.
It opened up so many new channels and included new experiences!!!
Thanks Xavier also for sharing with us with such clarity your experiences that are always so encouraging.
I love the image of the silver heart merging and growing into one big heart hosting the planet. What a fantastic necesary vision!
Thanks, thanks, thanks to you Maa for your Love and your guidance, pushing us to be the Giant that we can be!
Thanks to all the Cosmic energies that were there yesterday helping us and thanks to everybody that participated in the Seminar.
With Love

Thank you Maa for this great seminar! A great leap forward, the beginning of a new life. Welcome new Marc! And also with the awakening of the inner giant ❤️ Thank you Maa ❤️

Thank you dear Maa,
Every second of the seminar was in high level of energy, full of light, love and wisdom.
Thank you for push our souls to the high and beat our hearts as the ritmh as Mother Earth.
Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨🙏🙏🌍🌎🌏

-Anna Sper
Thank you for your amazing work Maa. Your sacred frequencies!!!!!
Big hugs snd love.

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