Today is the day of Deepawali, the Festival of Light.

I see Love, Kindness, Compassion and forgive all ignorance.

I speak only of positive things and power inside me and on Planet Earth.

Every year we do a meditation for Peace and I enjoy it very much, with all your hearts and your souls we send Peace to Planet Earth. From the peace inside us.

The power of word and thought is very important. I’m going to tell you a little story:

A man bought a calf in the market. He placed it on his shoulders and began to walk back to his village.

Three thieves saw him and made a plan to take advantage of him.

The first thief approached the man and said: “Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulders? “This is not a dog, it is a calf,” said the man.

Since when did you start calling a dog a calf? said the theif, and left laughing.

The man shook his head and moved on. In a few moments he met the second thief who told him the same thing, and this time a doubt arose in the mind of the man, so he left the calf on the ground.

The third thief appeared and asked about his “dog.” The man looked at his calf and then at the swindler and shouted angrily: “Yes, I bought a dog to protect my house. Is this a problem for you? ” The thief smiled.
And now the man began to think: “Have I been cheated and bought a dog instead of a calf? If the people of my town find out, they will laugh at me. ”

Thinking this, he released the calf and kept walking towards his house in silence.

The three thieves laughed at the madness of man and left with the calf.

If we reflect on this story we will learn something. The man received the thought: “This is not a calf but is a dog.” He received this thought from three different people.

When the first person told him, he didn’t believe it. When the second person repeated it, he suspected and left the calf on the floor. When the third person repeated the same thing, his thoughts became words and he said: “Yes, I bought a dog to watch my house.” These words reinforced his thinking and he began to imagine how the townspeople would laugh at him. The thought became action and let the calf go convinced that it was a dog.

This is exactly what happens in our lives. The Media, the ads and the other people all give us a medley of thoughts. Thoughts are not only given but imposed, so that we have no doubt of their truthfulness, and as a result we believe that these thoughts are true. Our words and our actions follow our thoughts.

Every day the news and the Internet use the media to spread messages.

At this time we must be very strong and we have to be anchored, it is time to be aware and really positive, and very confident with feelings of love, happiness, joy and peace.

When you are stressed or in continuous meetings with tensions – stop and simply say “Thank you Peace.” Let everyone relax and focus. Allow these thoughts to be aware. This changes neurons and receptors.

“Good morning peace” is the technique to access the unbreakable flame of peace.
Pronounce this mantra with all your mind and your heart every time you have thoughts of war, conflict, or enmity with someone.

When the negativity tries to sneak into the peaceful realm of your mind, close your eyes and say: “Good morning Peace” to yourself and the negative thoughts will disappear or change.

We need this in our lives. I have practiced it in times of tension in India. At any meeting or discussion, say: “Good morning Peace.”
Then remain silent for a few moments and announce: “Now we let peace act. Look at the problem, how it is solved and see how peace brings the solution. ”

Then let all the people in the meeting or in the discussion say what they want to say, allowing Peace to express itself through them. Watch as the solution appears and develops. Learn to solve problems by affirming Peace.

When you say “Good morning Peace” you are passing the order for peace. This will guarantee you inner peace and will project you strongly to create the future you want. It works for me in Bangalore, in India.

Let us leave the dual mind right now and think of eternity and a world of PEACE, ABUNDANCE, LOVE AND JOY.


Let’s leave the dual mind.

Once, a man brought flowers to Buddha. He had flowers with thorns in his left hand and flowers without thorns in his right hand. He intended to give Buddha the flowers of his right hand.
When he got there, Buddha told him: “Let them go.” He released the flowers from his left hand, for it is the belief of many people that the left hand is impure. Again the Buddha said: “Let them go.” The man was surprised thinking: He is telling me to release all the flowers. I came here thinking that the Buddha would be happy with the flowers and give me wisdom.

He did not realize what the Buddha was telling him to release. I told him to let go of the thoughts of duality in his mind, implying that he came out of his false beliefs.

This “dual mind” divides everything into two: good and bad, joys and sorrows, respect and disrespect, flowers and thorns, left and right. When the “dual mind” falls, only then, does the true self (the Supreme Truth) manifest itself.

The person who has understanding, right thinking, true perspective, and the person who knows his true “I” is very lucky.

You were not aware when you sowed the seeds of the thorns; you were not prepared for contemplation at that time; but when the tree of thorns has grown, at least then, he understands and contemplates not to re-sow the wrong seeds in the future.

Just plant seeds of Love, Kindness and Compassion and forgive all ignorance and thorny thoughts.

Thanks, Thanks, Dhanyavad.

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