INTERNATIONAL BOOK DAY Seminar on 23rd April 2023

23rd April is a very special day, Dia de Sant Jordi or International Book Day. Dreams come true, everyone knows my dream to sign the book on Ramblas. It came true and I continue to follow this tradition and I am passionate about it. My Frequency changes. This year I have my new CD REVERSING AGE AND HOLISTIC HEALING. These are very special Meditations. I have done it for you all. It is possible if you practice regularly.

It is based on my Research and studies. Every day for 3 to 6 months you can practice this and see changes. We can measure it or you will tell me. I am very happy, satisfied, and confident in presenting my New CD this April 2023. I need all your support and wishes. I hope to see you all helping us there, and supporting us.

Let us follow this tradition to read books, see each other, hug each other, exchange Roses, and keep learning and growing. Knowledge is very important and it is our treasure. Nobody can take it from you.
I hope to see you there in Ramblas near Liceu.
Love and hugs to you all always
Thanks to each of you.

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