Seminar on 28th October

Thanks for the powerful Seminar It was very challenging Because today is Full moon and Eclipse. Many Yogis and Rishis meditate in Caves. This is difficult day but we can SHIFT from trap and suffering conscious to healing. I did my best to each of you
Yes coming back from India just 15 days back was a shift to me too. But everyone really changed from beginning the frequencies and vibrations and AURA CHANGED. I saw it and proud to contribute. Yes in your case Genia, it was my pleasure and promise to dig deep to your memories and cleanse. Now this will be a good process of recovery.
I connect with each person and prepare Seminar and work. Also I see how astrology can help. It was a PACK OF ALL IN ONE. I am very happy for you all participants.
2 new ones too.
Now remember
A.i. A
Awareness, intention and Actions. Continue this work. Yes take ACTION.
I love you all and want the best for you all always
Also for planet Earth to be free from War and Peace in us and Planet Earth.
Thanks again
Love and blessings to you all always ❤️

Thank you so much, you give everything with such love!
Thank you Maa for another outstanding Seminar! You oppened the doors of Heaven once more. We will continue with Awareness, Intention and Action ❤️❤️
Dearest Guruji and Maa,
Thanks a lot for this special Seminar, so powerful and easy flowing. You always help us to grow the Best part of us!!! Thanks for helping us evolve with Your example!!!

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