Shivarathri Celebration in Barcelona temple through Zoom connected with all around the globe On 11th March 2021 we performed Shivarathri puja with friends and family in Barcelona All our families from India, Hong Kong, China, London and USA joined us We saw how the energy Frequency changed We are electro magnetic beings When we all become One with Infinite and Mother Earth in Quantum field has Pure Consciousness with no EGO we raise our frequencies and vibrations I have such wonderful souls who all become Coherent and we are helping ourselves and our families friends and beings In this year with the present situation I believe it was so important this puja It was big success I thank God and all Cosmic forces Mother Earth and friends and family members who joined and supported this puja. We started offering flowers and milk Thanks, honey, dry fruits etc. and ending with Arati and Meditation Thanks to everyone
I send healing light, love and blessings to all.

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