Seminar at the Hotel HCC Lugano, Av. Paralelo, 172, Barcelona
May 21, 2022


Today the Seminar after 2 years 4 months in a Hotel was very powerful. Thanks to Zoom and Clinic with Seminar too. Everyone today 21.5.2022 did a big job Everyone is unique is special ❤ Everyone did a big work I saw the Frequency and vibrations changing but the Electro magnetic field of every participant was very special and Coherent Now I have decided to buy Kirlian camera and have a scientific study I think this is one of my dream project to see the changes we do in a Seminar I will now invest in this.

I am proud to be your Spiritual master or teacher I prepared a lot and did my best from beginning to end It went well I saw the changes in each and everyone Please continue this Do start with KRIYA AND MEDITATION EITHER GROUNDING OR HEART BRAIN COHERENT MEDITATION

Please send our beautiful earth good thoughts for love, peace compassion being kind taking care of each other and Peace. See greenery all around the planet. Thanks for this day, for all Cosmic forces who helped us and are with us. , Thanks to each of you.

Thank you all Gracias Dhanyavad

Love and hugs to you all always ❤




Dear Mother & Guruji,

Labelling yesterday Seminar as best ever may look as a routine, but it is not. For starters, it is true. Top of that, going beyond yourself every time takes a lot of love, effort and dedication from your side, and all the Cosmic Forces that made themselves present to support you, us and the planet.

It took more than 2 years to be back physically together, but it felt as this time hadn’t even existed. Thanks to you and everyone in there (including Isidre ❤️), the communion was better than ever and the seminar flew at a high cruise speed. Zoom certainly helped going through quite difficult times, but nothing compares to resuming yesterday experience.

About the spiritual experience, it was beyond expectations, again. To share a few examples that touched me deeply:

– During the Grounding Meditation, I followed a golden light to finally reach a Green Planet. I felt it was my Soul’s home planet. It was like returning home after long. I believe I felt my Soul’s happiness.

– After Cleaning and Activating all the chacras, I could see my electromagnetic field reactivating. Believing that things go a certain way is fine, but seeing and experiencing them is magic.

– That new version of the Spiritual Transfusion (another best ever by the way) turned me into a huge golden being.

– Quantum Regeneration left me speechless. While in then 7th plane, a God came to greet me. I presented him my respects, and hug as friends. This time I could feel it as would anyone down here in our dimension. Just awesome.

– Our beloved planet is known as the Blue Planet, because most of the surface is covered by oceans and they look blue form the space. But if you take a look to  emerged lands, they look a combination of pale yellow (deserts and very arid regions) and green (forests). Yesterday, while in the quantum field, you lead us to work on the planet as well. Mi vision was astonishing, seeing from outside, the planet should then be called the “Blue & Green Planet”, as a change in the global patterns of climate had turned the yellowish parts into green, all of them!! I know this is a long wish of Yours, so may be it.

As always, it is now our turn to be up to your teachings and practise to master so many wonderful techniques.

You did it, You All did it, we all did it. Heartfelt thanks to You and all the Cosmic Forces for tirelessly helping us moving forward into the fascinating quantum field and spiritual evolution. Atma Namaskar.

With all my Love and Gratitude🙏🙏❤️❤️💛🙏


Dear Maa. Thank you for a wonderful seminar. You brought us close together after more than two years. You brought us close to the Divine. You brought us close to our soul. Thank you. We will continue this work and you’ll see the improvement. ❤️💪

Dear Guruji and Maa,

Seminar has been Powerful and Great, easy flowing and very necessary. Thanks a lot!!! 🙏🌟💖🍀💎

Dear Xavier

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

And you explain them in a wonderful way.

Thanks in particular for your visión of the “Blue and Green Planet”. YES, SO MAY IT BE!

It is always so exciting!

And thanks again dear Maa for making it all possible!!!

I love you


Dear Maa 🙏thank you very much for the seminar❤️🙏❤️❤️❤️ everything was easy flowing and a pleasure to be there

Now we have to continue working with our frequencies as you said and visualizing all is healthy and fine

Thank you very much🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

Wow amazing

Big Congratulations Maa for such a deep, successful seminar. To remember for always! Love and hugs.





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