Be a Total Human Being
Prosperity Yoga
September 27, 2014


This is a very important moment with many changes in the world before we enter the Golden Era. We live with conflict and polarization –  the bad and good, white and black, darkness and light fight in each of us. This is a time for regeneration, rejuvenation and resurrection. Ayurveda is a way of life, a holistic healing science, and I am sure that the methods and techniques derived from its ancient teachings can be the right path to help eliminate all the negative programming from childhood to heal diseases with unknown origin that actually are caused by this negative programming.  When you free yourself from the limitations of these negative programs, you can open the hidden giant inside each of you.

Discover ancient secrets from the Vedas that have been known for thousands of years, and be young, happy, healthy, and joyful. There are techniques to help you to have the right attitude for yourself and for your relationship with your family, society and the planet. I have discovered through years of successful research that if you learn and accept and practice these techniques,  you will find that this is an important investment for your life, and you can really evolve to be in synch, tuned, aligned with the frequency of the planet earth.

1. Regeneration of cells, tissues and organs; discover the secrets of rejuvenation to stay young, energetic and dynamic

2. Learn to anchor yourself in the present and to be with your consciousness, for a healthy life

3. Shaktimaa Kriya, a very special breathing technique and meditation

4. How to go deeply into the subconscious to eliminate negative programs, how to be a better person

5. Working with the nine birth cells to eliminate fear, guilt, judgement, anxiety, tension and nervousness

6. How to learn mantras and techniques to attract prosperity

7. How to use bioenergetic energy to synchronize the relationship between our lives and the Universe

8. How to take care of our tree of life and write our book of destiny

9. How to let go of tension in the back

10. How to heal the eyes, ears and teeth.

11. Self-healing and risotherapy, discover the healing powers within

This is the moment to learn new tricks to transform ourselves and be a better person. It all depends on us, we can change if we want to.!

Date: September 27, 2014
Time: 10:30 a 14:30 i de 16:30 a 21:00.
Location: Hotel HCC OPEN C/ Diputació, 100  08015 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 412 60 54


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