A Special Day

Good morning dearest family
A very special day and completely successful. Whatever efforts I put and my continuous visualization in Quantum field completed. Yes We were so Coherent and from beginning I could raise the frequencies and vibrations to maximum. All Cosmic forces helped me 100%. We are possible and UNSTOPPABLE. I see a New Earth and New garden.Light wins over darkness.
From starting with my Invocation to Ganesha, Shiva Parvati to wipe out evil from us, our surroundings and the planet Earth. Later my puja or rituals connecting with Fire, water, space or akash, air and Ofcourse Mother Earth. A very big start. Talking about Peace from inside and outside. Following WangChen followswith Babeli islam, Titania; modernised Christia, Marc represents Youth and our dearest friend Antonio Zaragoza represents Earth. Every thing was for Peace. It was very Coherent. Every one was connected
Mantras together ❤️ Tribute to my dearest friend Trinidad Diez. Then was something not in PROGRAM Javier and Marc gave me BIGGEST GIFT and surprise with a special Chocolate pista cake for 35 years. Thanks a lot Guruji, Prakash and Mother Montserrat were very happy. It was very touching with our DDMAAS GROUP Thanks again. Later CD presentation, 108 Mandala presentation by Genia and Thanks Giving Bollyhood dance by Dev and group is very special.   They do it from heart and soul. Finally dinner with ice cream from Sirvents, Cambrils. Barbara music and mics excellent. Audio from Jewish Synagogue NW.
Javier has always anchoring excellent.
I had Thanks to our family If I had forgotten someone Sorry.
Thanks to Rani, Genia, Javier, Marc, Barbara, Assumpta, Nadia, Titania, Lydia, Silvia, Dani, Marta, Montse, Teresa, Gladis y Fatima. Pili and Antonio for Ice creams.
I am happy together with you all and my Cosmic family which is helping me always we made it possible.
I believe if we walk like this with Unconditional love kindness compassion we can create a New Earth and New Garden of Light.
I am grateful
Atma Namaskar
Let me rest and recover ❤️

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